These forms are for last year's 2019 show. The 2020 forms will be updated when available. 

2019 Exhibitor Kit 

Click here for the 2019 Exhibitor Kit. 

Exhibitor Listing

Click here for instructions to create your exhibitor listing

Shepard Order Forms

Click here for Shepard's Order Forms. (Furniture, flooring, etc.)

Infinite Energy Center Forms

Click here for Sample Food and/or Beverage Distribution form

Click here for Electrical and Telecommunication Pricing

To place an Electrical or Telecommunications order, order directly online on the Exhibitor Services Website


Bring potential customers to the show by providing this ticket discount on your website.

Just follow the below steps:

1. Save a copy of the button (right click & save the image to your computer)

2. Have your web developer upload the web button to your website

3. Once the button is uploaded have your web developer link the button to:


Bring potential customers to the show by downloading and printing a ticket savings posters to display in your retail location. Click on the image below to download a PDF version. 

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